QUantum optics 

in the solid-state


Welcome to the Quantum Optics in the Solid-State (QOSS) Group at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid! We are a dynamic and innovative team of experimentalists dedicated to exploring the fascinating intersection of quantum optics and novel quantum materials.


March 24: finally published online! check our review article "Solid-State Single-Photon Sources: Recent Advances for Novel Quantum Materials" in Advanced Functional Materials.

Feb 24: giving a seminar in the QMP Morning Coffee Seminar series in the Univ. de Valencia, thank you Guillermo for the invitation!

Jan 24: Kim Sang Kyu (group of Prof. K. Müller, TUM) comes to visit us for a month! Welcome!

Jan 24: First preprint of 2024, collaborating with Pascale's group and Quandela, vacuum-one photon superpositions showing quantum effects in the delayed correlation peaks of the HOM histogram: link!

Dec 23: Our project COMPHORT |😌> in the Quantera 2023 call gets approved for funding!! Exciting times ahead! Congratulations to the consortium members!

Dec 23: Our review (preprint) on emergent solid-state single photon sources is out! Check it here

Dec 23: The Polaritonics issue in Optical Materials Express is finally out! Editorial work of Gabrielle Grosso (leading editor), Barbara Pietka, Dario Ballarini, Alejandro Fainstein and myself :)

Dec 23: Diego presents his poster "Mach-Zehnder interferometer for the measurement of the Hong-Ou-Mandel effect" in the "INC Young Researchers Meeting 2023", such a great job: active phase stabilisation in the interferometer for two-photon interference ✅

Dec 23: Visiting Grenoble to participate in the evaluation of the candidates in the Quantum Grenoble Doctoral Programme. Looking forwards to meeting all the friends in Institute Néel!

Dec 23: Check our publication in Optics Letters, in collaboration with the groups of Ana, Romain, and Christian: Multipartite Entanglement Encoded in the Photon-Number Basis by Sequential Excitation of a Three-Level System, Opt. Lett. 48, 6332 (2023).

Nov 23: Check our publication in PRL, great collaboration with the group of Christian: Second-Order Temporal Coherence of Polariton Lasers Based on an Atomically Thin Crystal in a Microcavity, Phys. Rev. Lett. 131, 206901 (2023).

Nov 23: Dr. Tobias Huber (Technische Physik, University of Würzburg) comes to visit us and give a seminar on "Semiconductor quantum dots as photon source for photonic quantum computing and current challenges" Check all the info here.

Sep 23: Check our publication in Nanoletters, great collaboration with the group of Christian: Monolayer-Based Single-Photon Source in a Liquid-Helium-Free Open Cavity Featuring 65% Brightness and Quantum Coherence, Nano Lett. acs.nanolett.3c02584 (2023).

May 23: Diego receives the INC 2023 Award, congrats! We will work together on implementing an interferometer for actively phase-stabilised Hong-Ou-Mandel interference 🦾

Apr 23: Carlos receives the Leonardo award from the Fundación BBVA, more information here (in Spanish).

Apr 23: Awarded project "ULTRA-BRIGHT" from the Fundación Ramon Areces, more information here (in Spanish).